About Us

Our people are what set us apart. We operate under three key pillars – respect, strong work ethics and a collaborative approach. Our team is made up of highly experienced experts in the construction industry – with a long history of successful project delivery.

Jeff Maker


Jeff has over 14 years of experience in civil, building, rail and infrastructure projects. As Director and Project Manager he is directly involved in all projects. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Jeff is a Civil Engineer who has worked for companies like Abigroup, Lend Lease and McConnell Dowell. 

He has worked on a huge range of projects, including bulk earthworks, retaining walls, drainage systems, paving, bridge structures and service relocations. He is highly experienced in project management, with a focus on client expectations, scheduling & budget management.

Jeff is a lateral thinker, who likes to create structure within his projects. He has a passion for learning from others and is always looking for ways to improve. He believes having fun and building relationships within the workplace – and the wider community – are essential to the success of a project.

FUN FACT Jeff worked on numerous bridges and stadiums for the preparation of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Blake Rosenbaum


Port Macquarie born and bred, Blake easily engages with all levels of a site workforce in a professional and efficient manner – building a team that supports the safety and quality culture of our team. 

Blake has been in the civil construction industry for 18 years – with experience working in civil earthworks, bridges, bulk earthworks, road works – and also in water treatment and wastewater treatment plants.

Throughout his career, he has been responsible for ensuring the safe execution of works for multiple subcontractors and trades under various contracting arrangements. He is focused on exceeding expectations when it comes to quality – and project schedules. Over the years, Blake has developed a stringent and thorough work ethic. He’s not afraid to put in the hard yards to get the results.

FUN FACT Blake spent time working in Canada on the Sea to Sky Highway, which was built for the winter Olympics.

We believe every single person in our company has something to contribute. At ACG, we strive to provide our clients with every resource required.

Right from the outset of a project, through to the construction and beyond – our specialised team is 100% dedicated to a positive end result for every project – and for every client.

Our team has built a strong reputation on the successful delivery of high-level projects. Our history of repeat business demonstrates our ability to consistently exceed client expectations.

We believe in a flexible and collaborative approach to project management.


1. We provide complete turnkey, end-to-end services for our clients, with a focus on the end user

2. We pride ourselves on our innovation and commitment to each and every project

3. ACG simply has the “can-do-anything” attitude – it’s all about tackling each challenge head on


ACG strives to provide safe working environments, alongside quality workmanship using modernised ISO Certified management systems.

We aim to be the preferred partner in all civil projects across the Mid North Coast and surrounding areas. We want to be known:

  • as the company to call for any construction/civil/project management solutions
  • for our people, who are trustworthy, reliable, and respectful
  • for our positive team culture and comradery
  • as responsive, innovative and the primary contractor delivering turnkey projects – with speed
  • we own it, live it – and display it in all aspects of our work
  • we strive to bring the best out in our team, by investing in their personal development
  • we are always learning and we encourage our people to own their success and always strive to improve

ACG are passionate about community improvement and involvement. We believe in locals working for – and with – locals. We want to see our region grow and succeed to its full potential whilst we believe in staying humble and client focused.

Jarryd has distinguished himself through his exceptional decision-making skills, particularly in high-pressure situations. Known for his ability to think outside the box, Jarryd brings innovative problem-solving to construction projects, ensuring effective resolutions to any challenges that may arise. Jarryd’s strong communication skills play a pivotal role in articulating ideas, goals, and expectations with clarity. His capacity to convey complex information not only benefits internal teams but also fosters positive relationships with stakeholders and clients.

Noteworthy Projects

With 14 years of expertise spanning civil, building, rail, and infrastructure projects, Jeff is a highly skilled and dedicated Project Manager. Jeff’s capabilities help solidify ACG’s position as a prepared partner of choice, fostering a reputation for reliability and excellence. 

Jeff is committed to meeting client needs and ensuring the delivery of high-quality construction projects. His efficient resource management have been pivotal in establishing the foundations for ACG’s ongoing success. Jeff’s strategic approach and commitment to excellence contribute significantly to the ACG’s achievements in the construction industry.

Noteworthy Projects

As our Project Manager, Peter brings over 22 years of hands-on experience in civil construction. He has worked on a wide range of projects, from road construction to pipelines, wastewater treatment plants, and petrochemical facilities. 

Peter is known for his practical problem-solving, clear communication, and knack for bringing teams together. Peter’s attributes are key to ACG’s success, ensuring projects not only meet, but exceed client expectations. Peter’s focus on customer satisfaction and his ability to adapt have helped establish ACG as a reputable and innovative force in the construction industry.

Noteworthy Projects