Our Team

Our ways of working are about doing what we say we are going to do, and living our culture true to our values. You won’t find us talking about this much, instead you will find it in every bridge we build and every road we pave. We work as one team, were every person holds as much value as the next, regardless of their position.


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Phil Chaplin

HSEQ Manager

Blake Rosenbaum

Skilled in earthworks, roadworks, subdivisions, water and sewer, bridges and rail.

Niall Moloney

Skilled in water and sewer, roadworks and earthworks.

Cathal Ladden

Skilled in bridges, concrete works, water and sewer.

Craig Scaysbrook

Skilled in structural/building construction

Jason Baxter

Skilled in water and sewer and concrete works.

Jamie McColm

Skilled in subdivision construction, roadworks including bulk and detailed earthworks, and subcontractor management.

Mitch Buckler

Skilled in water and sewer and concrete works.

Brett Maslen

Skilled in water and sewer.

Ian Pensini


Chris Trotter


Danielle Martin

Office Manager

Dan Shaw

Estimator and Asset Manager

Belinda Hodson


Kellie De Waal


We ensure all of our leaders come equipped with tool trucks to ensure they can effectively manage their sites independently. From day one, we ensure our team have access to the resources needed to tackle any situation that may arise out on site.

These trucks are stocked with standard tools of the trade, pipe lasers, rotating lasers, Topcon survey equipment, and more. Additionally, all Site Supervisors undergo comprehensive training in our digital WHS platform. This platform enables us to monitor and report on projects in real-time. 

By investing in our team, we not only enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations but also prioritise the safety and well-being of everyone involved in our projects. At ACG, we understand that our people are our greatest asset, and we spare no effort in empowering them to succeed.


Please email admin@alliancecon.com.au if you are interested in joining the ACG crew.

As our Project Manager, Peter brings over 22 years of hands-on experience in civil construction. He has worked on a wide range of projects, from road construction to pipelines, wastewater treatment plants, and petrochemical facilities. 

Peter is known for his practical problem-solving, clear communication, and knack for bringing teams together. Peter’s attributes are key to ACG’s success, ensuring projects not only meet, but exceed client expectations. Peter’s focus on customer satisfaction and his ability to adapt have helped establish ACG as a reputable and innovative force in the construction industry.

Noteworthy Projects

With 14 years of expertise spanning civil, building, rail, and infrastructure projects, Jeff is a highly skilled and dedicated Project Manager. Jeff’s capabilities help solidify ACG’s position as a prepared partner of choice, fostering a reputation for reliability and excellence. 

Jeff is committed to meeting client needs and ensuring the delivery of high-quality construction projects. His efficient resource management have been pivotal in establishing the foundations for ACG’s ongoing success. Jeff’s strategic approach and commitment to excellence contribute significantly to the ACG’s achievements in the construction industry.

Noteworthy Projects

Jarryd has distinguished himself through his exceptional decision-making skills, particularly in high-pressure situations. Known for his ability to think outside the box, Jarryd brings innovative problem-solving to construction projects, ensuring effective resolutions to any challenges that may arise. Jarryd’s strong communication skills play a pivotal role in articulating ideas, goals, and expectations with clarity. His capacity to convey complex information not only benefits internal teams but also fosters positive relationships with stakeholders and clients.

Noteworthy Projects