Beechwood Subdivision



START DATE: January 2023

END DATE: May 2023



SITE MANAGER: Niall Moloney

LOCATION: Beechwood, NSW


The detailed excavation of the water infrastructure installation at Beechwood, NSW showcased our ability to construct a water network with low grades, seamless integration of numerous property connections to a high standard with all testing meeting the prescribed AS/NZS 2566.2 in the first instance.


ACG were commissioned to undertake the extensive installation process of the comprehensive water infrastructure network at a new subdivision located in Beechwood, NSW.

The location of the project was on a large parcel of level land with a small creek, therefore the design requirements utilised strategic planning techniques to deal with the hydraulic requirements of the network. This included the installation of additional hydrants at the low points in the lines due to the low grades, and a creek crossing within the footpath.

Our solutions included detailed planning and careful execution to ensure that the grades were kept to design levels and hydrants were installed to the specification. A mass thrust restraint was keyed into the ground and the main was encased with centralising slippers prior to being cast insitu to the footpath overlay of the creek bridge limits.


  • 1508m of 125mm HDPE PN16 poly water mains
  • 6 x stop valves
  • 26 standard hydrants
  • 1 x ducksfoot hydrant
  • 30 x long property connections
  • 18 short property connections
  • Installation of all markers and signage
  • Hydrostatic testing and flushing of mains
  • Disinfection and connection to Council water main assets

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