Deep Creek Bridge



START DATE: April 2023

END DATE: Apr 2023



SITE MANAGER: Blake Rosenbaum



Thanks to detailed planning and diligent execution, ACG successfully replaced the single-span deck bridge within the stipulated timeframe. The bridge was opened to the public before the end of the school holidays, ensuring uninterrupted school bus services for the upcoming term.


ACG was tasked with the replacement of a single-span deck bridge while utilising existing abutments. The bridge was located on a school bus route, necessitating completion before the start of the new school term. Due to the absence of alternate access over the creek, careful planning was essential to ensure uninterrupted material delivery and plant utilisation on both sides of the bridge during construction.

Through detailed planning and close coordination with suppliers, subcontractors, and stakeholders, ACG ensured the timely delivery of materials and seamless execution of construction activities.

Contingency plans were established to address unforeseen challenges, such as adverse weather conditions or supply chain disruptions, minimising impact on the project timeline.

Robust safety protocols were implemented to safeguard workers and the public throughout the construction process, with regular inspections and adherence to safety standards. Stringent quality control measures were enforced to uphold high-quality standards, including regular inspections and adherence to engineering specifications.


  • Single span deck replacement
  • Waeger design
  • Utilisation of existing abutments

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