START DATE: April 2022

END DATE: April 2022



SITE MANAGER: Blake Rosenbaum

LOCATION: North Haven, NSW


ACG successfully solved the infrastructure challenges at Haven Village, addressing flooding and water ponding issues through a comprehensive approach. All completed with minimal disruption to residents and in adherence to council standards.


In response to challenging ground conditions and persistent road issues, Haven Village selected ACG to implement a cost-effective and sustainable solution. ACG, after conducting thorough site inspections and collaborating with the park owners, presented a comprehensive proposal to meet the client’s specific needs.

The scope of work included the excavation of trees and their root systems that were causing uplift in the concrete dish drains. Additionally, ACG removed and replaced all deteriorating kerbs and road sections. The team carefully milled the edges of the existing road pavement and tie-ins, breaking up and recompacting to ensure a level pavement. This preparation allowed for the placement of a 40mm AC at the crown with a crossfall.

All tasks were executed with precision and efficiency, minimising disruptions to the residents and adhering to the standards set by the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.

ACG’s approach not only addressed the immediate issues but also provided a long- term solution to enhance the overall road infrastructure of Haven Village.


  • Design and Project Management
  • Tree and root excavation
  • Kerb and road replacement
  • Pavement adjustments
  • Stakeholder management

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