Mighells Bridge



START DATE: August 2023

END DATE: September 2023



SITE MANAGER: Cathal Ladden

LOCATION: Yarrahapinni, NSW


Meticulous planning of the deck unit installation, including how multiple semi - trailers were used to access the rural location, resulted in the daily operations running without issue and finishing ahead of the scheduled completion date.


The Mighells Bridge upgrade is a part of Kempsey Shire Council’s $20.5 million funding from the NSW Government’s Fixing Country Bridges program, part of a group of three similar bridges awarded together.

A critical factor contributing to the project’s success was the thorough preplanning conducted before mobilisation. The project’s timeline was vital for residents, considering the road closure during construction. This detailed planning enabled the bridge to be completed in just over two weeks, greatly minimising disruptions for property owners.

Our team carefully planned the precise location and movements of the crane, facilitating more efficient navigation through the enclosed tree canopy and the site’s narrow footprint. Efforts to reduce the works’ footprint significantly minimised vegetation pruning in this environmentally sensitive location.

Throughout the installation period, we implemented floating silt curtains to reduce the construction’s impact on Life Below Water, adhering to all NSW Fisheries Permit requirements within the active creek system.

While a road detour was in place, we further improved convenience for the community by constructing a temporary footbridge, ensuring residents had accessible passage across the creek. This was especially crucial for activities like school pick-up and drop-off.


  • Precast bridge installation
  • Cast insitu bored piles
  • Rock scour protection
  • Temporary pedestrian footbridge

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