Pacific Palms STP Access Road Causeway



START DATE: August 2023

END DATE: October 2023



SITE MANAGER: Blake Rosenbaum



The end result of this project exceeded the expectations of our client. The speedy delivery and high quality of this project has ensured the Pacific Palms Sewerage Treatment Plant can operate safely for the foreseeable future.


In recent years, the Pacific Palms sewerage treatment plant has undergone a comprehensive series of upgrades, strategically designed to address and minimise both environmental and operational risks associated with the transfer of sewage from Pacific Palms to Forster. Recognising the importance of maintaining the facility’s accessibility for the foreseeable future, ACG was selected to reconstruct the 100m reinforced causeway.

Executed with precision by the ACG team, we met required deadlines set by the Council. Despite the substantial volume of concrete required for the reconstruction, the application of effective project management ensured a seamless installation process.

We take pride in our role as a key contributor to MidCoast Council’s commitment to delivering high-quality infrastructure upgrades. These upgrades serve as a vital foundation for the sustainable development and growth of the local communities.


  • Construction ofapprox.100m of reinforced concrete causeway in existing Pacific Palms Sewerage Treatment Plant access road
  • Remediation of storm water drainage
  • Installation of gabion mattress and basket
  • Supply and place base layer, sub baselayer and select fill materials
  • Reinforced concrete pavement and edge beams
  • Reinstate existing precast concrete head walls
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Earthworks
  • Landscaping/site rehabilitation
  • Signposting and pavement marking
  • Installation of guideposts

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