Tuncurry WMC Stormwater



START DATE: July 2023

END DATE: Oct 2023



SITE MANAGER: Blake Rosenbaum



Successful completion of the stormwater and drainage infrastructure upgrade resulted in better stormwater management capabilities and improved environmental sustainability. These upgrades in compliance with EPA standards, mitigated the risk of water pollution and contributed to the protection of local ecosystems.


The Tuncurry Waste Management Centre is a key facility responsible for managing waste in the surrounding area. As part of their commitment to environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance, the client identified the need for upgrading their stormwater and drainage infrastructure to meet EPA-approved standards.

The careful adaptation of the initial concept design to ensure compliance while delivering within the specified timeframe was a major achievement for this project. Continuous open discussions between our client and the ACG crew were crucial to understanding the client’s needs and expectations, as well as identifying feasible solutions to meet regulatory requirements. Through iterative design adjustments and careful consideration of regulatory guidelines, ACG proposed modifications to the stormwater infrastructure that aligned with EPA standards while still meeting the project objectives.


  • Construction of 3 raingardens of varying sizes:
    • 5m x 2m x 3mo
    • 8m x 9m x 5mo
    • 5m x 3m x 2m biofilter,
  • Biofilters installation
  • Sediment forebay installation
  • 7mD x3mW biofiltation swale
  • 118m D x 12mWinfiltrationswale
  • Clean out of southern infiltration swale
  • Planting to bithe swales as per raingarden specification

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